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AcePak Professional SLR, DSLR Camera and Laptop Backpack

GHS 265

AcePak is a tough SLR backpack designed to keep pace with your approach to photography. It is designed to carry and protect your SLR or DSLR camera with attached zoom lens and accessories. The bag is ..

Outdoor Laptop Bag

GHS 99 GHS 120

Plus Free 8GB Pendrive Laptop Bag Outdoor..

SwissGear Laptop Bag

GHS 92

Plus Free 8GB Pendrive SwissGear Laptop Bag..

Targus Laptop Bag

GHS 149 GHS 159

Plus Free 8GB Pendrive Swissgear Laptop Bag..

TravelPack-L Multi-Purpose Travel Electronic Accessory Organizer Pouch

GHS 69

Gone are the days of travelling with a bag full of loose charging cables, messy headphone cords, and small electronics. This versatile electronics organizer is here to get your travel tech under contr..

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