Laptop Stands

Laptop Stands

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AirBase-6 Ergonomic Multi-Level Aluminium Laptop Cooling Stand

GHS 260

Ergonomic Multi-Level Aluminium Laptop Cooling Stand with Dual USB PortsAirBase-6 features 2 high-speed fans that generate cool air to keep the laptop running efficiently and prevent overheating. The ..

DeskMate-2 ~ Universal 360 Degree Rotatable Aluminum Alloy Laptop Stand

GHS 350

Combining ergonomic comfort for you and increased airflow and heat-reduction for your laptop, this metal laptop stand makes it easy to take your workstation to a new level of ease and efficiency. The ..

DeskMate-3 Universal Anodized Aluminum Laptop Stand

GHS 340

DeskMate-3 Laptop Stand is the perfect accessory for your laptop, notebook, or tablet. The Aluminum Laptop Stand simplifies and organizes your desk, while maintaining a clean, functional style. ERG..

DeskMate-4 Multi-Level Ergonomic Aluminium Laptop Stand

GHS 380

Multi-Level Ergonomic Aluminium Laptop StandDeskMate-4 is ergonomically designed for a better viewing and typing angle, bringing the screen in closer at eye level for clearer and more comfortable view..

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